I am starting to move all Drools5 integration code to the Seam 3 drools module and will update the previous posts with correct links as soon as they are available. There will be no further development against the Seam 2.2.Drools5 branch.

13. Oct 2009, 00:24 CET | Link
Diego Martins | dioliver1988(AT)

I would like to know if is Seam 2.2 perfectly working with Drools 5 in the branch Seam 2.2.Drools5. What's missing?


Diego Martins
13. Oct 2009, 02:15 CET | Link

Hi Diego,

2.2.Drools5 branch was a development branch and we never performed extensive QA on it. If you decide to use it would be at your own risk.

Note that this branch includes the same Drools5 jars which we first introduced as part of the 2.2.0.CR1 release ( see Pete's post here ). Additionally it includes a number of Seam integration components (see my previous posts) which are being moved as mentioned to the Seam 3 drools module.

Thanks :)

13. Oct 2009, 14:58 CET | Link
Humberto Mena | humbertofranco(AT)

Hi Tihomir,

When do you expect to release seam 3? And in which version of Jboss Tools will it be a supported?

14. Oct 2009, 01:15 CET | Link

Hello Humberto,

look for a release of the Seam 3 Drools module over the course of the Autumn, and expect a final release next Spring. Same goes for tooling support.

Thanks :)

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