Not sure if this has been posted but I just noticed that Gavin King has been awarded the title of JCP Star Spec Lead. Congratulations!

Read the press release here

11. Jan 2011, 22:57 CET | Link

And it's well deserved. EE and the community needed someone with brains and balls to pass something like 299 especially with all that was said around it. He used both equally.

But the spec is one thing. How's the passage into the real world? Well, get a promoted of Glassfsh 3.1 or Jboss 6, open the Weld manual and write your app. Kickass? Sure.


12. Jan 2011, 00:20 CET | Link

Congrats Gavin!

13. Jan 2011, 10:14 CET | Link

Congratulations Gavin. With everything 299 went through, you earnt it! Now, it must be about time to announce something on that secret project of yours...

14. Jan 2011, 17:44 CET | Link
James Cavalera

A well deserved recognition! Hats off to you, Mr. King!

16. Feb 2011, 20:05 CET | Link
Arbi Sookazian
Richard Kennard wrote on Jan 13, 2011 04:14:
Now, it must be about time to announce something on that secret project of yours...

Congrats. Well, pray tell. Must it be software related?

In all the novelty maps, when the graph line moves downward, novelty is assumed to be increasing. When there is movement away from the base line, novelty is assumed to be decreasing in favor of habitual forms of activity. Time is seen as the ebb and flow of two opposed qualities: novelty versus habit, or density of connectedness versus disorder. In this we see clearly that one trend toward greater novelty reached its culmination around 2700 B.C., precisely at the height of the Old Kingdom pyramid-building phase, Then a countermovement toward predictable forms of behavior asserted itself and increased in importance until around 900 B.C. At that time, around the time of the consolidation of Mycenaean sea power, the tendency toward habituation was overcome and replaced by a long cascade into greater and greater novelty, which reaches its culmination early in the twenty-first century. The career of novelty is revealed to be a process that is punctuated by subprocesses. These mitigate, modify, and influence an overall general tendency toward greater and greater novelty. The theory shows the last 1,500 years to have been highly novel times that have oscillated at levels of novelty very close to the horizontal axis, the maximized zero state.

Instead of focusing on Enterprise Java, how bout focusing on Enterprise I-Ching?? :)


16. Feb 2011, 20:21 CET | Link
Arbi Sookazian
At the end of the day, Gavin unwinds with motorcycling and Latin dance. He claims both Mexico and the United States to be his home.

I'd like to see some youtube latin dance clips.

16. Feb 2011, 22:24 CET | Link
Arbi Sookazian

Why are there so few youtube vids with GKing in them? there's an old, outdated Seam 1.x/2.x interview, but not much else.

16. Feb 2011, 23:51 CET | Link
Arbi Sookazian


Researchers say the Sun has been awakening after a period of several years of low activity.

much more interesting than Enterprise Java, get down! 2012 is near...

17. Feb 2011, 12:08 CET | Link
Arbi Sookazian wrote on Feb 16, 2011 16:24:
Why are there so few youtube vids with GKing in them? there's an old, outdated Seam 1.x/2.x interview, but not much else.

Gavin is very shy ;-)

30. Aug 2014, 03:45 CET | Link

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