In the announcement I neglected to give credit to all the people who worked on Seam 1.1 , so I'll take care of that now. Many thanks to:

  • James Williams for seam-gen
  • Norman Richards for the namespace support in components.xml, and <s:selectDate/>
  • Michael Yuan for testing Seam on WebLogic and GlassFish and getting the examples running on those platforms (this kind of work is always a frustrating and thankless task)
  • The Ajax4JSF team and Todd Smart for getting Ajax4JSF working with Seam
  • Ted Goddard and the ICEfaces team for getting ICEfaces working with Seam
  • Max Andersen for the improvements to Hibernate Tools needed by seam-gen
  • Stan Silvert for the EL enhancements

And thanks to the Seam community for your trust and patience!

19. Dec 2006, 04:50 CET | Link
In the J2EE support section, I am reading that Seam is compatible with J2EE and I can use either JPA or Hibernate. Can I really JPA? From my understanding that if you want to use JPA, you need either a EJB 3 container or JSE 5. You also said that there are some samples that deployed out of the box with WebLogic, could you tell me which version is that? 9 or 10? For 10, it comes with EJB 3 support.

Thanks for the great work on Seam 1.1.

19. Dec 2006, 04:53 CET | Link
Tao Zhang
Sorry, this post is really meant for the previous one.
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