In case you missed it, we just released the fourth milestone of Ceylon and Ceylon IDE. The next release will be the feature-complete Ceylon 1.0 beta, now due in January. We've also pushed a major update to Ceylon Herd.

This is the first release of Ceylon IDE to include complete support for compilation to JavaScript and execution on Node.js.(Since M3, the Ceylon compiler has offered the option of compiling a Ceylon module to a CommonJS module) I personally love being able to write a snatch of Ceylon code and then watch it execute on both the JVM and Node, all from directly within Eclipse.

Another cool new features of the language is the assert statement. If assertions doesn't sound that cool or new to you, then I bet you have not yet seen Ceylon's unique spin on the concept. You can read more about it at the Ceylon blog.

(P.S. I'm now mostly blogging over at the Ceylon site, and on Google plus, but I'll still post items here from time to time.)

31. Oct 2012, 03:06 CET | Link

What about concurrency support?

31. Oct 2012, 10:23 CET | Link
What about concurrency support?

For now, you can use the JDK's concurrency support (including java.util.concurrent) by importing the module java.base. Or, of course, you could use a different concurrency lib written in Java. When the time comes, we'll add some kind of concurrency library to the Ceylon SDK.

31. Oct 2012, 22:51 CET | Link

I mean on language level. Synchronized volatile and so on.

01. Nov 2012, 19:09 CET | Link

Ara, Ceylon doesn't (and won't) have anything like synchronized built in at the language level. But since the language will support interceptors, a library can provide it's own synchronized annotation.

OTOH, we might need to provide volatile at the language level. I'm hoping to avoid this (what would it mean when the code runs on a JavaScript VM?) but we might simply need it.

01. Nov 2012, 21:11 CET | Link

Some documentation will be appreciated.

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