Recently I had the chance to give a talk on Bean Validation 1.1 at Berlin Expert Days (BED-Con), a nice mid-sized conference (2 days, 500 attendees) hosted at Freie Universit├Ąt in Berlin. As in the last years, BED-Con was a great experience with awesome people and many insightful talks in the fields of Java EE, NoSQL, Continuous Delivery etc. I really can recommend this event which is planned to take place next year again.

My talk on Bean Validation went very well and I got lots of questions on the new functionality. In particular the possibility to use constraints on method parameters and return values (method validation) seems to be a helpful feature for many. You can find my slides which discuss the new features on the conference web site (in German, though).

I also used the opportunity to listen to some talks around client side web applications using HTML 5 and REST. There's a lot of activity going on in this field right now, and it appears like a new framework is released every day.

An interesting question to me is how Bean Validation as Java based technology fits into this picture. Bean Validation provides an API for retrieving constraint meta-data from models which could be used to perform a client-side validation of data entered by the user. It would surely be interesting to see how this could be leveraged to expose constraint meta-data e.g. via a REST service and use it on the client with frameworks such as AngularJS. Maybe this is even done by some frameworks already?

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