If you travel in the JBoss universe you should be aware that Red Hat Summit and JUDCon are taking place in Boston between June 10th and June 14th. If you want to meet the persons behind the code, that's a pretty good deal.

Sanne, Emmanuel (that's me), Gavin and Stef are going to give various talks on various Hibernate projects and on Ceylon.

Ceylon workshop

Monday June 10th at JUDCon, Stef, Gavin and I are doing a full day workshop on Ceylon. Come with your laptop and code with us. More info.

Hibernate Search live coding

Tuesday June 11th at JUDCon I will be adding full-text search, faceting and geolocation queries to an application live. I am working hard on this code and not at all on my slides, this should be quite interesting. It is based of the famous TicketMonster app. More info.

Hibernate and Infinispan / JBoss Data Grid

At Red Hat Summit Thursday June 13th, Sanne will talk about the use cases that really benefit from mixing Infinispan / JBoss Data Grid with the Hibernate suite of projects (Hibernate ORM, Hibernate Search and Hibernate OGM). You will see the big work we did to make 1+1=3 with these projects. More info.

Hibernate State of the Union

At Red Hat Summit Wednesday June 12th, I will be giving an overview of what's new in the Hibernate sphere (ORM, Search, OGM, Envers, Validator). A good one to keep your knowledge fresh or if you believe that Hibernate is a JPA compliant ORM and that's it :) More info.

Anyways, feel free to ping us if you are there, we accept chats as long as there is beer, whisky or any kind of good technical content :)

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encourage you to start participating now in these and other issues so that JSF can continue to improve as a result of community participation and feedback. JSF 2 is a big step in the evolution of JSF, but it is by no means the last.