This is just a quick note that the Hibernate Metamodel Generator code has moved and is now, as of version 4.3.0.Final, part of Hibernate ORM. You can find it in the tooling/metamodel-generator sub-directory of ORM. Unfortunately this news have been falling under the table during the announcement of ORM 4.3.0.Final. After all the focus was on JPA 2.1 support :-)

There are several reasons for the move. For one, we hope that the generator will get a greater exposure within the ORM code-base and that it will benefit from the more regular ORM release schedule. For another, the generator fitted nicely into the newly created collection of Hibernate ORM tooling artifacts (check for example the maven/gradle plugins for byte code enhancement). Code wise nothing has changed. The annotation processor is still agnostic of the JPA provider and can be used with any provider to generate the metamodel classes for type-safe criteria queries. So what has changed:


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