This is the first release towards supporting JPA 2. Most of the APIs are implemented. Some know limitations for this beta include:

  • Some of the 'metamodel' APIs are still unimplemented, specifically differentiating between declared attributes and attributes (same wording as java.lang.reflect). The getDeclaredXYZ methods simply return null in this release.
  • 'criteria' query building is fully implemented aside from defining subquery correlations, to the best of my knowledge and current state of the spec. However, compiling criteria queries is unimplemented scheduled for the next release.

Additionally, initial support for fetch profiles has been added in this release. Currently only join-fetching is supported as a strategy in fetch profiles.

The artifacts have all been published to the JBoss Maven repository. Additionally the release bundles have been uploaded to SourceForge.

This is also the first version bundling annotations, entitymanager and envers together with the other core modules. Moving forward all will be versioned and released together.

21. Aug 2009, 04:54 CET | Link

FYI, there is an issue getting the .zip bundled uploaded to the SourceForge file server. Man this is the release that just wont end. I'll get it uploaded and add new comment when it is up there and ready.

21. Aug 2009, 04:55 CET | Link

For reference :

22. Aug 2009, 00:36 CET | Link

Both the tar.gz and the .zip are uploaded now...

24. Aug 2009, 21:43 CET | Link

How come you went with 3.x version still? Are the changes wrt JPA2 still not that huge that you would require 4.x?

Just wondering, so I know how to version my stuff. :-)

24. Aug 2009, 22:41 CET | Link

Hey Ales

JPA support is an overall small part of Hibernate. 4.0 would be more indicative of large scale changes to Hibernate APIs. And even in the JPA support there is no changes, there is just addition of methods and features.

Its largely personal opinion. We do have plans for a 4.0, but as mentioned above it is indicative of Hibernate API changes.

26. Aug 2009, 01:07 CET | Link

not able to download from sourceforge

26. Aug 2009, 23:05 CET | Link
sudhanshu wrote on Aug 25, 2009 19:07:
not able to download from sourceforge

SourceForge is and has been going through some site redesign issues. One area that seems to be particular unstable at times is the download UIs. Yesterday I was not able to get to the SourceForge download link either, though today I am.

27. Aug 2009, 13:44 CET | Link
In my project's POM, replaced:



and it still workins. Great job, men!
Looking forward to see some JPA 2.0 in action.
Could some of you direct me to unit tests specific to JPA 2.0 in the source repo?
23. Sep 2009, 05:07 CET | Link

Does this release includes support for disconnected QueryDefinition?

I've read somewhere on Linda DeMichiel's blog that they were planning to support this in the first release of JPA2...


06. Oct 2009, 06:00 CET | Link
What are the plans for orphanRemoval support on *ToOne associations?

12. Oct 2009, 08:50 CET | Link

Great. But does it include criteria arbitrary join? Which is very important.

20. Oct 2009, 14:11 CET | Link

Is it possible to post a build version of this release also. I'm running into problems when building with Maven it's failing with a missing resource message. I'm not familiar with Maven and I do not want to put to much effort into it in solving these types of errors. I just want to use the new JPA2 functionality so a couple of already build jars is enough for me. Thanx in advance.

Reason: POM 'org.jboss.maven.plugins:maven-jdocbook-style-plugin' not found in repository: Unable to download the artifact from any repository org.jboss.maven.plugins:maven-jdocbook-style-plugin:pom:2.0.0

from the specified remote repositories: central (

for project org.jboss.maven.plugins:maven-jdocbook-style-plugin

20. Feb 2010, 04:32 CET | Link

Does anybody has a solution to this problem? I try to compile the hibernate tutorials in the command line and I get the same error: 'Failed to resolve artifact.

GroupId: org.jboss.maven.plugins ArtifactId: maven-jdocbook-style-plugin Version: 2.0.0

Reason: Unable to download the artifact from any repository


from the specified remote repositories: central ('

I tried to change the settings.xml file from the Maven installation directory to include the jboss repositories (as per the recommendations here: My Link

I still get the same error.

I use Maven 2.2.1, hibernate-distribution-3.5.0-CR-1 and I use mvn compile in command line.

Thank you.

08. May 2010, 00:59 CET | Link
Felipe Farias
My pow.xml is working fine, you need only 2 settings:


            <name>JBoss Repository</name>

hibernate-entitymanager will download Core, annotations and JPA2 dependencies

I hope it works.
17. Jul 2010, 13:02 CET | Link

Where abouts did you place the 'dependency' sub-tree?


09. Dec 2010, 13:24 CET | Link

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