The Hibernate team is happy to announce the availability of the 3.6.0.Beta2 release. The major change from Beta1 is the merging of AnnotationConfiguration into Configuration (HHH-5375). AnnotationConfiguration is now completely deprecated.

Additionally a lot of work went into the initial effort of merging the previous annotations reference manual into the main reference manual. The docs are in an OK enough state that I felt more comfortable uploading them to the docs server:

A lot more work will be going into the docs for 3.6.

For more details about 3.6.0.Beta2, including the full list of changes, see the release page.

The artifacts have all been published to the JBoss Maven repository. The release bundles have been uploaded to SourceForge.

Please report any issues using Jira. Visit us on IRC or the forums if you have usage questions.

05. Aug 2010, 06:39 CET | Link

Hi, steve. A little typo on your post. The tittle is Hibernate 3.6.0 beta 2. But the content is .... announce the availability of the 3.6.0.Beta1 release..

05. Aug 2010, 07:45 CET | Link

Doh! Thanks :)

10. Aug 2010, 20:11 CET | Link

Will Hibernate 3.6 be integrated into JBoss AS 6? if so will it be the next milestone or CR relase?

12. Aug 2010, 23:33 CET | Link
Bruce H

The details page has a spelling error Confinguration Hibernate Core HHH-5375

Merge AnnotationConfiguration into Configuration

public class AnnotationConfiguration extends Confinguration {

13. Aug 2010, 23:27 CET | Link

Sounding like CR1 planned for late-Sept-ish.