Hibernate 3.6.1-Final has mainly bug fixes with several improvements.

Of particular interest are:

  • HHH-5830 improves how Hibernate handles large string and binary (BLOB, LOB, LONGVARCHAR, LONGVARBINARY) SQL types, expecially for Oracle, PostgreSQL, and MS SQL Server.
  • Fixes related to JPA 2.0.
  • Improvements to better support MS SQL Server 2005 and 2008.

For more details about Hibernate 3.6.1-Final, see the release notes.

The artifacts have all been published to the JBoss Maven repository.

The release bundles have been uploaded to SourceForge.

Please report any issues to Jira. Visit us on IRC or the forums if you have usage questions.


07. Feb 2011, 11:15 CET | Link
Robert Zimmer

There is some place where I can see what is planning for Hibernate 4.0?


23. Feb 2011, 09:26 CET | Link
Thomas Käfer | kaefert(AT)

The Maven repository at (and at any other maven repository) does not contain any hibernate release that is even somewhere near up-to-date, and most of the hibernate versions posted there are empty pom files without the jar packages.. please fix this

24. Feb 2011, 18:43 CET | Link

The releases are at .

24. Feb 2011, 22:19 CET | Link
Thomas Käfer | kaefert(AT)
I just noticed that I looked at the wrong artefacts. I looked at "hibernate" and "hibernate-annotations" where I should have looked at "hibernate-core" since hibernate annotations are part of the whole now am I right with this? haven't tried it yet, will on monday.
25. Feb 2011, 18:55 CET | Link

Yes, that's right. Hibernate annotations is part of hibernate-core now.

28. Feb 2011, 11:28 CET | Link
Thomas Käfer | kaefert(AT)
I'm now using hibernate-core-3.6.1 from the Repository
At Compile time everything works fine, but the call Persistence.createEntityManagerFactory("name"); fails: concrete the call from javax.persistence.spi.PersistenceProviderResolverHolder$PersistenceProviderResolverPerClassLoader$CachingPersistenceProviderResolver [line: 121] that tries to find PersistenceProvider implementations fails to find hibernate's PersistenceProvider unless I manually add hibernate3.jar from the release bundle from sourceforge (and add javassist as dependency). If this extra hibernate3.jar is added to the classpath then the resource URL "pathtojar/hibernate3.jar!/META-INF/services/javax.persistence.spi.PersistenceProvider" is found, and my EntityManagerFactory is correctly created.

Can somebody help me? what did I miss, which maven artefact from which repository contains hibernate's PersistenceProvider?
28. Feb 2011, 14:30 CET | Link
Thomas Käfer | kaefert(AT)
Okey. Now I really found the artefact I need - its the "hibernate-entitymanager"
15. Jun 2014, 08:11 CET | Link

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