Just got done releasing 3.3.2 with tons of fixes/enhancements/improvements including some much needed documentation updates and again building translated docs.

Next we start focusing on 3.5 and implementing JPA 2 support...

24. Jun 2009, 18:50 CET | Link

Would be great to see the jar in ...

24. Jun 2009, 19:33 CET | Link

Where's the api document? I can't find it.

24. Jun 2009, 19:46 CET | Link
+1 , maven central missing new release
24. Jun 2009, 21:52 CET | Link

Try (I don't think 'hibernate' exists as a maven artifact for hibernate 3.3)

24. Jun 2009, 22:14 CET | Link

Why is there a directory '' then ?

24. Jun 2009, 22:48 CET | Link

Because Maven makes there be one. I simply the aggregator project/module

24. Jun 2009, 22:50 CET | Link

We do not coordinate with sonatype for uploading to the central repo. We tried in the past and could not meet their requirements. So we upload to the JBoss repo, which is also a Maven repo. The Maven developers will even tell you that you should not be relying on direct repo access anyway, using a repository manager in any case (ala their Nexus server), so this is a non-issue

24. Jun 2009, 23:56 CET | Link

Why not to package them into one zip file as before?

25. Jun 2009, 13:34 CET | Link
could you please update your compatibility matrix
of the download page.

Thanks in advance.

25. Jun 2009, 18:11 CET | Link
25. Jun 2009, 20:18 CET | Link

'one zip' as in the distribution download I upload to sourceforge you mean?

07. Jul 2009, 02:50 CET | Link
Steve Ebersole wrote on Jun 24, 2009 16:50:
We do not coordinate with sonatype for uploading to the central repo. We tried in the past and could not meet their requirements. So we upload to the JBoss repo, which is also a Maven repo. The Maven developers will even tell you that you should not be relying on direct repo access anyway, using a repository manager in any case (ala their Nexus server), so this is a non-issue

Does this help:

14. Jul 2009, 16:59 CET | Link

Where's the api document? I can't find it.

11. Dec 2009, 22:55 CET | Link
irritated user

Look, for the love of all that is holy, please stop flaunting Sonatype conventions and publish a build I can just USE. Or, in the absence of managing to publish to the central repo, post clear instructions for how to modify my pom to work with your new build conventions.

I really find this build change both puzzling and aggravating. The most aggravating part is that the Hibernate project has changed Maven usage without providing clear instructions for how to fix your pom and actually use 3.3.2.

Instead, I have to trawl Google, wade through your poms, and peruse Maven documentation trying to figure out how the fsck to upgrade from Hibernate 3.2.6.GA to 3.3.2.GA.


Is anyone at Hibernate listening? Please sort your build problems.

22. Dec 2009, 18:34 CET | Link

irritated user wrote:

... post clear instructions for how to modify my pom to work with your new build conventions.

Looking at Maven Guide, you'll need to add at least*:

  <!-- add this to under your '<project>' element -->

* = while the article recommends others (plugins for example) I've never had the need to add those. If you experience problems, do everything by the article.

20. Feb 2010, 02:16 CET | Link
springhill wrote on Jun 24, 2009 13:33:
Where's the api document? I can't find it.

Click HELP for text formatting instructions. Then edit this text and check the preview.

Has anyone ever able to obtain Hibernate Core 3.3.2.GA Javadocs from the the 3.3.2 distribution?

I'd like to have the Javadocs API offline.

23. May 2014, 12:42 CET | Link

Please ... where's the API document ... we need it

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