Hibernate Core 3.6.8.Final is a maintenance release with some bugfixes and improvements:

JPA-related bugfixes:

  • HHH-6591 caused problems with JPA TypedQueries returning more than one scalar;
  • HHH-4982 caused a constraint violation when an optional one-to-one association was null and the association was annotated as a PrimaryKeyJoinColunn.

Some long-standing bugs were fixed:

  • HHH-2304 resulted in only the first character of char(x) columns to be returned by SQL (native) queries.
  • HHH-4596 and HHH-3434 caused HQL inserts to fail for entities with assigned IDs or composite IDs

New dialects for Sybase ASE 15.7 (HHH-6745) and CUBRID (HHH-6577) were added.

Envers-specific bugfixes and improvements can be found here.

For more details about Hibernate 3.6.8-Final, see the release notes.

The artifacts have all been published to the JBoss Nexus repository under the org.hibernate groupId at

Please report any issues to Jira. Visit us on IRC or the forums if you have usage questions.


02. Nov 2011, 08:17 CET | Link

Hi.. BTW, I'm curious where is the source code for hibernate-jpa-2.0-api-1.0.1.Final.jar? Is property Persistence.PERSISTENCE_PROVIDER available for all vendor (EclipseLink, OpenJPA) ?

Thanks, xsalefter

08. Nov 2011, 21:28 CET | Link

You can find the source jar for hibernate-jpa-2.0-api-1.0.1.Final.jar at

16. Dec 2011, 17:56 CET | Link

Upgraded hibernate to 3.6.8 from 3.3.1 In the hibernate folder used by Ant, upgraded the hibernate3.jar

Result: The Ant target to generate source (POJOs) no longer works, specifically hbm2java

Prior to upgrade, logging (verbose) showed this:

[hibernatetoolpersistencevo] Executing Hibernate Tool with a Standard Configuration [hibernatetoolpersistencevo] 1. task: hbm2java (Generates a set of .java files)


Following upgrade, no longer see the compile-source target being called and no POJOs are generated

Is it necessary to upgrade hibernate-tools.jar too ? Is this the problem?

24. Jun 2014, 13:01 CET | Link

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