Hibernate ORM 4.1.0 has just been released. This release adds a few new features, as well as a bunch of improvements and bug fixes. Some features in particular include:

  • A new (actual) API for loading by natural identifiers. See mainly HHH-2879 and HHH-6974. Additionally, see my earlier post on this feature.
  • Addition of a TenantIdentifierResolver for use with multitenancy in getCurrentSession use cases. See HHH-6336
  • The ability to provide custom dirty handling. See HHH-3910 and HHH-6998

See the 4.1 release notes for the full details.

Additionally, quite a bit of work went into the documentation for this release. The JPA/HEM documentation has been completely consumed into Hibernate Reference Documentation and Hibernate Developer Guide. Mostly annotation/mapping information went into the former, while everything else went into the latter. Other efforts such as documenting multitenancy, services, etc when into Hibernate Developer Guide as well. The focus now, as we move ahead will be folding the information from Hibernate Reference Documentation into Hibernate Developer Guide.

3.6.10 was released today as well. It contains some bugfixes. Again, see the release notes for the details.

P.S. A quick note about the name Hibernate ORM. This refers to exactly what we previously called Hibernate Core. A brief history is that initially there was just Hibernate, but as the team started working on related projects (Hibernate Search, etc.) we agreed to refer to what had been just Hibernate as Hibernate Core. We recently decided that the core portion of the name was just a bad choice, as it doe not give any clue as to the intent. Hence Hibernate ORM.

09. Feb 2012, 07:51 CET | Link

Out of notable improvements on the Envers side, there's a pretty large new feature: being able to store flags for individual field changes, and later query that info (e.g. find revisions where the firstName property changed).

See the related issue: and the docs.

Blog post coming soon :)


09. Feb 2012, 22:17 CET | Link

Can you guys possibly release digital signatures for the zip files so that it is possible to validate that the file came form the developers?

10. Feb 2012, 17:23 CET | Link

Sure thats possible. Outline needed steps on as I am not really familiar with details of publishing signing keys, etc.

11. Feb 2012, 17:40 CET | Link

For French developper ,they can make a Full-Text search on file,here

11. Feb 2012, 23:27 CET | Link

Thanks! When will it be in Maven Central?

12. Feb 2012, 17:32 CET | Link

I run very a basic query (no joins) in Hibernate 4.1 and get 3 records back. I copy the EXACT hibernate generated SQL and run it in PostgreSQL and get 4 records. 4 records is correct.

The Hibernate generated SQL:

    issue0_.issueID as issueID8_, issue0_.dateAdded as dateAdded8_, issue0_.dateUpdated as dateUpda3_8_, 
    issue0_.projectID as projectID8_, issue0_.displayCode as displayC4_8_, issue0_.isActive as isActive8_, 
    issue0_.issueCode as issueCode8_, issue0_.issueDesc as issueDesc8_, issue0_.statusID as statusID8_, 
    issue0_.selectable as selectable8_, issue0_.substantive as substant9_8_, issue0_.whoUpdated as whoUpdated8_ 
    Issue issue0_ 
where issue0_.projectID = 1
and (issue0_.displayCode like '1.%') 
order by issue0_.issueCode

I have inspected the 4 records in the DB very closely, and see absolutely NO reason a record is being skipped; only when running the SQL through Hibernate.

12. Feb 2012, 23:58 CET | Link
Amir Pashazadeh

Are you mapping your entities correctly? I believe your entity primary key is not the real primary key

13. Feb 2012, 01:55 CET | Link

It is there now Paul. There was a problem with Sonatype syncing the stuff from JBoss repo for a few days. But I just checked and it is there now.

13. Feb 2012, 01:57 CET | Link

Greg, this is not the correct place to get help. Notification, code formatting, etc just suck here. Use the forums or IRC for usage help.

13. Feb 2012, 12:21 CET | Link


When is it scheduled a new release of hibernate-tools, compatible with last versions of hibernate-core?

I've seen great improvements in hibernate-core and others, but what about hibernate-tools? Don't leave it behind!

Thanks! Rui Baeta

13. Feb 2012, 19:44 CET | Link

Hi Rui, hibernate-tools is now part of a wider collections of tools: thanks for your support!

14. Feb 2012, 12:12 CET | Link
Rui Baeta
Thank you for your response!

Yes, I'm aware of that, but the only part I'm interested in is hibernate-tools.jar, so that I can automate the reverse engineering process.

I'm looking for hibernate-tools.jar in your public maven repositories:

and the last version is 3.2.4.GA, a couple of years old..., and incompatible with hibernate-core v3.5+

Do I have to download and install the whole IDE JBoss Developer Studio, when I just want to generate entity classes with ORM???

Rui Baeta
20. Feb 2012, 21:14 CET | Link

Where is the new 4.1 Documentation? still shows 4.0.


ps, Like Rui, I too miss hibernate-tools from the old days

20. Feb 2012, 21:24 CET | Link or

06. Mar 2012, 21:18 CET | Link

I am also interested in custom reverse engineering strategy. Confused about how this works with hibernate 4.1 release. Thanks.

25. Feb 2013, 12:39 CET | Link


I am trying to migrate from hibernate 3.6 to 4.1, I could not find the below two classes in hibernate 4.1 jar files. Can somebody explain where have those classes gone?

org.hibernate.jdbc.ConnectionManager org.hibernate.jdbc.ConnectionWrapper

Thanks in advance for any help/suggestion!


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