Hibernate ORM 4.2.12.Final was just released! Please see the full changelog for more information:

As previously mentioned, 4.3.x is the new stable version and we have shifted focus towards ORM 5.

Another 4.2.x release was necessary due to a few important fixes:

  • HHH-9107: a regression in 4.2.11 broke reading entities from the 2LC under certain circumstances (involving polymorphism)
  • HHH-4700, HHH-6747, and HHH-9100: improved/corrected CASE and CAST statements in HQL
  • HHH-7971: enabling ENABLE_LAZY_LOAD_NO_TRANS would clear collections if they were accessed outside of a transaction
  • HHH-9071: Proxy narrowing loses the initialized state of the original proxy
  • HHH-9078: corrected the use of @OrderColumns on ToMany cascading

JBoss Nexus:
Maven Central: (should update in a couple of days)
Downloads: 4.2.12.Final ZIP, 4.2.12.Final TGZ

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HHH-9107: a regression in 4.2.11 broke reading entities from the 2LC under certain circumstances (involving polymorphism)

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