The Hibernate team is proud to announce the Hibernate ORM 4.3.0.Final Release. With this release, Hibernate is now a certified implementation of the JPA 2.1 specification. Certified awesomeness!

A lot of work has gone into this release over the last few months. The main focus of 4.3 was JPA 2.1 support, so much of the work these past few months focused on new JPA 2.1 features. The new features defined for JPA 2.1 include:

  • Support for stored procedures. See my previous blog for details
  • CriteriaUpdate and CriteriaDelete allow definition and execution of UPDATE and DELETE queries in type-safe Criteria form.
  • Entity listeners can now take advantage of dependency injection through CDI.
  • AttributeConverters, which define the ability to apply conversions on basic values between their database representation and their representation in your domain model. This is similar in concept to Hibernate's Type contract, although certainly less powerful (can only apply to basic values and operate on in-memory values). On the positive side, JPA AttributeConverters are portable across providers.
  • Entity Graph support
  • Standardized schema generation. With 2.1 JPA now defines schema generation which is standardized across providers in terms of how generation is performed and the settings providers understand as a baseline. Arun Gupta has a good write up of the basic schema generation support.
  • Synchronization of persistence contexts via SynchronizationType
  • @ConstructorResult support in result set mappings for native queries

The significant non-JPA work that has gone into 4.3 includes:

  • Continued improvement in Hibernate's support for OSGi environments. OSGi support in 4.3 is still somewhat bound by certain design limitations within Hibernate, We plan to fully address these limitations in 5.0 (see HHH-8501 for details).
  • Continued work on new bytecode enhancement support within Hibernate, adding support for inline dirty checking. See HHH-8354 for details.
  • Initial break down of the monolithic DocBook-based manuals into smaller Asciidoc-based topical guides (HHH-8606). This is an ongoing process.
17. Dec 2013, 07:20 CET | Link

The recently updated early access version of Java Persistence with Hibernate explains the new Stored Procedure, SQL result mapping, and schema generation features of JPA 2.1. The examples have also been updated for Hibernate 4.3 Final. (Still working on the Entity Graphs, stay tuned!)

17. Dec 2013, 09:39 CET | Link

Congratulations Steve and team for the great work!

On to Java EE 8 ... :-)

17. Dec 2013, 09:50 CET | Link

I think hibernate is a good framwork to develop software project,But same times it's many to one function is not easy to use or understand

18. Dec 2013, 23:32 CET | Link

What is the default dirtiness checking method used by the 4.3 release? If the default is flush-time state comparison strategy does that mean that hibernate never generates a proxy and there is no need to inculde javassit on the classpath?

20. Dec 2013, 12:45 CET | Link

That's right, good old state comparison is still the default, but even then you need javassist for lazy loading.

07. Jan 2014, 02:45 CET | Link

Great news, with Java 8 coming in few months, Spring 4.0 just launched, Java developer has some good new year gift to starts with.

02. Apr 2014, 16:32 CET | Link

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