It's been a busy day in Hibernate land. In addition to 4.2.9.Final last night, we just released Hibernate ORM 4.3.2.Final! Please see the full changelog for more information:

In addition to dozens of bug fixes, both 4.2.9 and 4.3.2 were heavily focused on benchmark-driven performance improvements. Multiple CPU hotspots were mitigated and memory allocations reduced.

JBoss Nexus:
Maven Central: (should update in a couple of days)
Downloads: 4.3.2.Final ZIP, 4.3.2.Final TGZ

28. Feb 2014, 07:41 CET | Link
Sören Chittka

Why is there a hibernate-core-4.3.3.Final in Maven Central?

28. Feb 2014, 16:41 CET | Link

Stupid mistake on my part -- waiting to get that deleted...

26. Mar 2014, 12:49 CET | Link

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