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Changes to 4.3.6.Final were mainly bugfixes with some performance improvements. A new Hibernate module was added to provide support for HikariCP connection pool (HHH-8869).

The following bugfixes applied only to 4.3.6.Final:

  • HHH-8818 fixed a regression introduced in 4.3.0.Final causing Hibernate to not be able to find the JNDI DataSource.
  • HHH-4700 fixed a bug using an HQL CASE expression containing a parameter in the THEN clause, and HHH-6747 fixed a bug rendering a SimpleCase using CriteriaBuilder.selectCase( arg ). Both caused ClassCastException to be thrown.
  • HHH-8885 fixed a bug causing a NullPointerException when MapJoin.key() is used.
  • HHH-8980 fixed a bug where an entity was not found if a joined subclass had a non-nullable many-to-one or one-to-one association.

The following bugfixes applied to both 4.3.6.Final and 4.2.15.Final:

  • HHH-9280 - caused the table name computed for an @ElementCollection to use the entity class name instead of the specified entity name.
  • HHH-8310 caused class loading problems due to a Spring bug that changed the context classloader to one that could not locate Hibernate Lob proxy classes (BlobProxy, ClobProxy, NClobProxy, SerializableBlobProxy, SerializableClobProxy).
  • HHH-9106 (for 4.3.6.Final) and HHH-9261 (for 4.2.15.Final) optionally allows multiple representations of the same entity to be merged (e.g., loaded from different sessions).

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24. Jul 2014, 11:14 CET | Link
I think Hibernate 4.3.6 has a bug, it is not compatible with GlassFish 4.0.1.

I have a small Java EE 7 webapp, running in GlassFish 4.0.1-b08, the program uses the JPA 2.1 and PrimeFaces of <p:dataTable>, and using the underlying Hibernate 4.3.6.

On a page, click on the paginator several times, after about the fourth click, an exception is thrown in log:
IllegalStateException: This web container has not yet been started.

If I replace the Hibernate 4.3.5 or 4.3.4, the issue disappear, the paginator can normally flip several times.
30. Jul 2014, 10:52 CET | Link

I think Hibernate version higher than 4.3.2 has a bug. With the change hibernate (hibernate-entitymanager) version 4.3.1.Final to 4.3.2.Final my HQL-Statements do not work anymore. Where can i report the bug?

See my stackoverflow:

30. Jul 2014, 19:25 CET | Link


I encourage you to first discuss your problem in our forums and later if that turns out to be a bug open a ticket.