While working on Hibernate Search 3.3, we have discovered a critical issue with Hibernate 3.2. If you use Hibernate Core 3.5 in a JTA environment (recommended), the way Hibernate Search 3.2 registers itself can lead to inconsistent indexing and generate assertion failures. All this is fixed in Hibernate 3.2.1 which you can get here and ported to trunk as well. We have also added tests to cover the JTA area.

We highly recommend people using Hibernate Search 3.2.0 to migrate to 3.2.1.

For more information on this bug and others fixed in 3.2.1, check out the changelog.

Many thanks to Tom Waterhouse for helping us all along the discovery, fix and testing process.

10. Aug 2010, 22:47 CET | Link

Is it published to a jboss Maven repo ?

Could not find it under Ö

19. Aug 2010, 20:52 CET | Link

Any good reason for the hibernate-search artifact to use .Final as a version suffix while hibernate-core (and annotations) use -Final?

19. Aug 2010, 21:11 CET | Link

wrt core and annotations, 3.5 went final before JBoss decided on this newest rev of their naming strategy, so we followed the normal Maven convention which is to use a '-' to separate the qualifier. 3.6, if you notice, is using '.' as the qualifier separator now as well.