Hibernate Search 3.3.0.Beta3 is out with 12 freshly squeezed bugs. See the Jira release notes for a full list. Some of the more notable changes are:

  • HSEARCH-405 - Ability to specify a similarity implementation per index via the property[index].similarity.
  • HSEARCH-374 - Timeout support for full-text searches via FullTextQuery.setTimeout(). If the timeout exceed a QueryTimeoutException is thrown.
  • HSEARCH-603 - Support pluggable services via<T>. These services can be exposed to pluggable components like DirectoryProviders and ReaderProviders.
  • HSEARCH-569 - Using the same global analyzer definition name more than once throws now an exception.

We also forgot to mention in the previous release blog that we introduced a new artifact org.hibernate:hibernate-search-analyzers. This artifact is a replacement for org.apache.solr:solr-core when using the Solr analyzer framework. So far the namespace of the classes has not changed. Existing @AnalyzerDef definitions should continue to work.

The next release in two weeks will be the CR1 release. Make sure to test this release and report problems early, either by creating a Jira issue in HSEARCH or starting a discussion on the Search forum.

You can download the release from the JBoss Maven repository or from SourceForge. The documentation is available here.


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