We are pleased to announce completion of the first phase of migrating to what we feel will be a more stable, more collaborative and more friendly experience.

Phase one included:

  • migrating project pages content to the Magnolia instance maintained by JBoss
  • migrating community wiki content to the Clearspace instance maintained by JBoss
  • Redirection of the domain to these new services (this part is being completed as I type actually)

Eventually the plan is to host the forums as Clearspace discussions as well. There is still discussion about whether to attempt to migrate the post data or whether we should just start afresh (see the poll on the wiki space).

Members of the Hibernate team have been working on this migration for a very very long time and I'd like to thank them for their time and effort. Thanks as well to the JBoss Community Team for their help in getting set up and helping us design the site. I'd also like to thank our users for their patience during the time it took us to get this all set up and migrated.


19. Mar 2010, 05:24 CET | Link

Excellent news! I think the site looks great and from experience using JBoss Community on the Arquillian project, I'm confident the community is going to find it more collaborative and friendly as you have said.

20. Mar 2010, 14:02 CET | Link

Excellent news! My Link

22. Mar 2010, 08:39 CET | Link
Juan Duran | odeen01(AT)
Hi There,

Where do I find the Hibernate2 -> Hibernate3 migration guide? all related links are not working.

Kind of ironic that I finally got the approval for this migration and the information can't be found :P

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Juan Duran
22. Mar 2010, 17:45 CET | Link url does not work either. When will it be fixed? Thanks

22. Mar 2010, 21:47 CET | Link

Juan, for the time being you can access it via

That is one that should have been migrated and a URL remap set up for. It may very well have been migrated, I'll have to check. But for certain there is no URL remap set up for it.

23. Mar 2010, 22:06 CET | Link

All of my previous bookmarks set to various Hibernate help sections are now broken. There is no redirection link and there is no easy way to locate these once very handy pages. I find this very silly that all of this information needs to be found once again ....what a waste.

23. Mar 2010, 23:39 CET | Link

first step would be to let us know what those links are so if we missed some it can be fixed.



24. Mar 2010, 00:34 CET | Link

These are the bookmarks that no longer work for me anymore.


24. Mar 2010, 00:46 CET | Link
Sorry that didn't come out looking so good. I have pasted them again below.
These are the bookmarks that no longer work for me anymore.

25. Mar 2010, 11:04 CET | Link
Juan Duran

Hi Steve, thank you for your reply. Unfortunately doesn't seem to be working.

Do you have any other suggestion?

25. Mar 2010, 15:07 CET | Link
foobar is a private network, see

25. Mar 2010, 20:34 CET | Link
Juan Duran wrote on Mar 25, 2010 06:04:
Hi Steve, thank you for your reply. Unfortunately doesn't seem to be working. Do you have any other suggestion?

Ah did not realize it was only a private IP. Like I said I will get this migrated. I'll work on it today.

26. Mar 2010, 00:22 CET | Link

Juan, here is the new link:

I took this opportunity to break them up and present them better imo.

I'll get the url rewrite set up for this too...

26. Mar 2010, 02:01 CET | Link
Juan Duran

Thanks so much!. I just saved it as a PDF. Very cool!

Thanks again and best of luck with the new site.


27. Mar 2010, 11:47 CET | Link
Will G

We are using different hibernate 3.x versions in different versions of our applications. The development version uses the latest version of hibernate3 whereas the supported production versions use earlier versions of hibernate3. Is is possible to get the compatibility matrix online? We refer that pretty often to resolve dependencies for a particular version of hibernate in ANT build as our local libraries are obliterated with almost all versions of hibernate components. Going through the pom of each component, to identify dependencies doesn't make our life easier.

30. Mar 2010, 20:34 CET | Link

Hello I need help for annotations part. I can't find the annotation hibernate part in download so I guess the annotation are bundled in the core right? Well I tried with the hibernate tool to generate my classes with the ejb 3.0 annotation and even with the hibernate core jar in classpath all the annotations of the package javax.persistence are not available....

Can you help me about this? Thanks


31. Mar 2010, 13:24 CET | Link
LongTimeUser wrote on Mar 23, 2010 19:46:
These are the bookmarks that no longer work for me anymore.

Here are the current list of extra url rewrites I've requested :

Note that this does not account for:

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