During EclipseCon we released JBoss Developer Studio 3

JBoss Developer Studio provides a single-install of a full Eclipse based development environment which includes Eclipse 3.5, productized subset of JBoss Tools 3.1, TestNG, SpringIDE and an (optional) bundled JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 5.

JBoss Developer Studio is for those who would like to just install and IDE and get work done without the hassle of configuring Eclipse and related runtimes.

If you are into JBoss SOA, Portal or the Enterprise Webserver platforms JBoss Developer Studio 3 supports these too and the JBoss Developer Studio Portfolio Edition product gives you access to these.

Information about installation and migration from previous JBoss Developer Studio versions are available from JBoss Developer Studio 3 page.

Have fun!

26. Mar 2010, 10:37 CET | Link

download isn't working from the customer support portal.

AN UNEXPECTED ERROR HAS OCCURRED. We apologize for the inconvenience and we are attempting to rectify the problem as soon as possible. Please contact Red Hat Customer Support if the problem does not clear up in a few minutes.
26. Mar 2010, 13:07 CET | Link

Sorry for the inconvenience, but if it continues please contact Red Hat Customer support. Thanks.



28. Jan 2011, 13:50 CET | Link

Hi, I have installed JBoss developer Studio 3.0. But, I am unable to launch JBoss. How can we make the service of javaw.exe to run in Task Manager? Please reply to my mail id

30. Jan 2011, 17:23 CET | Link

Prabha, please use the forums for user questions:




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