JBoss Marshalling 1.3.0 is about to land! The ninth (and probably final) release candidate for 1.3.0 has been made available for download. New in this version:

  • A complete object cloner API which can clone any object which is marshallable by the marshalling API
  • Version 3 of the River protocol, featuring even more compact representations of collection classes
  • Many more useful stream-oriented base classes which can be used by your application
  • The ability to override serializability for any class or object
  • New module-system-ready API for constructing MarshallerFactorys and finding implementations
  • An OSGi bundle containing the Marshalling API and implementations
  • Support for ObjectInput constructors in Externalizable classes

JBoss Marshalling is an object serialization library for Java which is fully compatible with Java serialization, yet outperforms it significantly and offers a vast array of additional customization and performance features. In addition it features the advanced River serialization protocol which is API-compatible with Java serialization yet far more space- and computation-efficient. It can be found in use within the excellent Infinispan project as well as finding heavy use in the upcoming JBoss AS 7 release.

The project can be found at This release and others are available on the downloads page and in the JBoss Public Maven repository. The JavaDocs are online here. Give it a try and file and bugs you may find in JIRA. I plan to put out the 1.3.0 final release after JBossWorld next week.

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