I noticed that there have been a lot of JBoss Tools related news going on while I were on vacation (maybe I should stay on vacation ?)

First off we got JBoss Tools 2.1.2 out which has some important bug fixes. Don't forget to use our patch to WTP to get proper JEE behavior when deploying ejb3 jars, see details here.

And No, this version is not for Eclipse 3.4/Ganymede - it is for Eclipse 3.3/Europa. JBoss Tools 3.0 will target Ganymede; I'll blog about that version later.

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JBDS 1.1.0.GA which includes JBoss Tools 2.1.2 is also available now.

Other News

Max Katz's from Exadel got his Using JBoss Richfaces with JBoss Developer Studio from JavaOne posted on DZone.

DZone also posted a podcast interview (audio and transcript) with me talking about JBoss Developer Studio

Edem Morny posted instructions on how to get Tomcat 6 working with the Seam support in JBoss Tools on his blog.

Finall, Snjezana Peco from JBoss (JBoss Tools) is working on enabling Profile action for our JBoss AS adapters in JBoss Tools 3, but if you want to know how to do it with any version of JBoss Tools then take a look at this forum post where Snejana explains the steps for enabling TPTP profiling.

23. Jul 2008, 16:23 CET | Link

The download link seems to point to 2.1.0GA not to 2.1.2

27. Jul 2008, 03:32 CET | Link

whoops - fixed.

Sorry for the delay but I had no internet access during the Hibernate/Seam team meeting in Italy.



29. Jul 2008, 06:03 CET | Link

Are you planning to support both JBoss Tools 2 and 3 (for eclipse 3.3 and 3.4) once JBoss Tools 3 is released?


29. Jul 2008, 16:54 CET | Link

I might be wrong, but the current JBDS 1.1.0.GA download does NOT contain tools version 2.1.2.. but only 2.1.1 ?
Or so JBDS tells me under "Manage configuration"..

In the plugins directory it also says 2.1.1.GA everywhere.. well, except "*" which are 2.1.2.GA.
I'd rather not manually fix the JBDS studio configuration, cause then I could just as well use my own version of Eclipse + JBoss tools + web tools(and some other stuff) instead(we've been using that until now, because the 1.0.0 of JBDS studio simply was not stable enough).

If you have any info on when JBDS will contain JBoss Tools 2.1.2.GA I would greatly appreciate that!

29. Jul 2008, 17:46 CET | Link
Siarhei wrote on Jul 29, 2008 00:03:
Are you planning to support both JBoss Tools 2 and 3 (for eclipse 3.3 and 3.4) once JBoss Tools 3 is released? Siarhei

JBoss Tools 2 will run on Eclipse 3.3 JBoss Tools 3 will run on Eclipse 3.4

Some plugins will work on both but the API changes in Eclipse 3.4 is too much to easily maintain two versions. So unless someone in the community steps up and help maintains the needed branches for it I don't see it happening.



29. Jul 2008, 18:10 CET | Link

Not all plugins was changed between 2.1.1 and 2.1.2 so we did not bump them up. I'll get it verified but it should be 2.1.2, but until then if you still think there is some issue in JBDS packaging a wrong version please raise the issue on the forums.



30. Jul 2008, 14:23 CET | Link

Hi again,

I did a fresh download of the JBDS 1.1.0.GA and compared the plugin directory with a fresh download of JBoss Tools 2.1.2.. and voila.. you're right.. it's the same packages :-)

The conclusion is: yes, JBDS 1.1.0.GA does include JBoss Tools 2.1.2 :-)

...But it IS a bit confusing when JBDS says(Help - Software Updates - Manage Configuration) it has installed JBoss Tools Core 2.1.1.GA.. (this is, as you said, because you did not bump the core version to 2.1.2).. but a bit confusing for us JBDS users :-)

Thank you for the info!

- Henrik

01. Aug 2008, 01:31 CET | Link
JohN Newman | newmanjw(AT)
So if we want to use eclipse 3.4 and jboss tools now (Jul 31 2008) are there any options? If so should the stability of them be a problem? 3.4 so far is much improved over 3.3, I'd like to stick with it but I do need the jboss server view.
01. Aug 2008, 02:48 CET | Link
John Newman

OK I installed the latest build from using all the eclipse files on the right... so far everything is working ok together! This is great.

04. Nov 2008, 14:30 CET | Link

SeamTools Feature (2.1.2.GA) requires feature org.eclipse.datatools.connectivity.feature. JBossAS Tools (1.1.2.GA) requires plug-in org.eclipse.wst.server.ui.doc.user. JBossTools Core (2.1.1.GA) requires feature org.eclipse.jst.

I am getting the above error when installing the 2.1.2 GA. I use Eclipse 3.3 with MyEclipse 6.5.1GA.

Information regarding this is appreciated.

04. Nov 2008, 19:06 CET | Link

Does MyEclipse 6.5.1GA come with WTP 2.x ? Then it should contain org.eclipse.jst and org.eclipse.datatools.connectivity.feature.

If they don't then they are probably only supporting parts of WTP and we won't be able to run since we need the standard WTP features to be present.



04. Nov 2008, 19:17 CET | Link

I got my trouble solved. Actually I downloaded the MyEclipse 6.5.1 GA that contained eclipse 3.3.2. I found out that some plugins and features were missing. I downloaded eclipse itself, copied the entire plugins and features to my MyEclipse 6.4/ eclipse/plugin and features directory and the problem got solved.

I am explaining as a help so that anybody out there can get out of it.

PS: It worked for me. But make sure to backup ur projects before this copy paste.

By the way Seam is a superb framework. I am still to get the feel of this JPA and Hibernate working together and also jBPM and jPDL. Any way nice work by jBoss.

And many thanks to Dan Allen for his wonderful book: Seam in Action (You could have included some other example rather than Golf, because I don't know golf. I had to learn golf along with Seam).

19. Jan 2010, 03:00 CET | Link

I've downloaded JBoss Developer Studio 2.1.0 GA and so far it has been extremely unstable on my system. Centos 5.4 box with JDK 6. I hope 2.1.2 is as stable as 2.0.0 GA.