We had some issues with the download links to when we announced JBoss Tools 3 CR2.

Now these links have been fixed and to recap here is the way to get JBoss Tools:

Use our update site or get the zips from our Download page

...and if in doubt read our Installing JBoss Tools wiki page.

And just as a final note:

To err is human, to forgive divine

Have fun!

04. Mar 2009, 10:11 CET | Link
Igor Shabalov | ishabalov(AT)
Well, the good news is that update site actually contains 3.0.0 GA now,

The bad new is that some links are broken again. At least link to Richfaces tools is broken

04. Mar 2009, 13:28 CET | Link

That is a mistake - only nightly builds have the 3.0.0 builds right now; looking into it.



04. Mar 2009, 14:01 CET | Link
Igor Shabalov | ishabalov(AT)
Thank you Max!

Looks like the link is fixed now.