JBoss Tools 3 CR2 is ready! The next one will be GA.

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160+ issues have been fixed since CR1 based on the feedback we have received (Thank You!)

We are heading for GA and therefore not a lot of new features, except for a few which you can see in the New and Noteworthy.

I especially like the code folding in Visual Page editor for XML/HTML including namespaced tags like rich:table.

While you download the new release you can go and look at some of our recent entries for JBoss Tools:

  • The FreeTee project, where Galder shows how he uses project archives from JBoss Tools to have quick incremental build of rt.jar from OpenJDK
  • The JBoss Tools Code swarm done by Emanuel
  • The Logo Jira where you can contribute ideas to the work for a JBoss Tools logo (the final one will be chosen for the GA)

As always feedback is very much appreciated.

Have fun!

30. Jan 2009, 03:38 CET | Link

Great! Looking forward to the final release.

30. Jan 2009, 05:09 CET | Link

Wow, can't wait to test this CR. :)

30. Jan 2009, 05:38 CET | Link
Seems that the update site is borked? I've been getting failures all day saying "no repository found for ...". Is it me?
30. Jan 2009, 06:52 CET | Link

It works for me, maybe you are seeing which is an issue with Eclipse P2 update manager.

Does restarting of eclipse helps (as suggested in that bug?)



30. Jan 2009, 08:16 CET | Link
Sounds like that might be the case, though none of the suggested workarounds in the bug report seemed to do the trick. Looks like its a download for me until Eclipse 3.5? Thanks for the help, Max!
30. Jan 2009, 09:51 CET | Link
I've had no problem installing CR2 into a clean Eclipse 3.4.2 M20090121-1700 maintenance build [0] (3.4.1 contains a number of problems which are fixed in followup M builds).

Just add the JBT update site, enable the BIRT 2.3 site (if you plan to install that feature) and select the JBT features you want. Eclipse will grab all the EMF, WebTools, XSD, XULRunner, etc. requirements, and install everything you need.

What URL did you use for the update site?

Instructions here [1] are correct, except for CR2 you want a different update site [2] - the nightly site [3] is even more bleeding edge and the site is replaced with new content every day.

30. Jan 2009, 21:08 CET | Link
Thanks for the input. I'm using site [2] from your post. Unfortunatly, I'm stuck on 3.4.1 at work for now. I'm downloading the zip this morning and installing manually. Hopefully that will do the trick.
30. Jan 2009, 23:39 CET | Link
Update: For some strange reason, removing the update site and adding it back worked today (it didn't yesterday). Wow, I've had nothing but problems with 3.4 and P2. I really hope the update mechanism gets more stable in the next versions.
31. Jan 2009, 03:07 CET | Link

WooHoo! Getting closer to GA.

31. Jan 2009, 14:56 CET | Link

i cant download the package from sourceforce. it keeps redirecting around mirrors until stops on one, but download does not start. anybody have this problem?

31. Jan 2009, 15:42 CET | Link

hmm - something is broken at; it worked yesterday but today i'm also having troubles ;(

Until we figure out what is causing that you can use the update site.



31. Jan 2009, 19:11 CET | Link

update site worked great with some small glitches. i thought pointing out might help. i was updating from CR1 and drools core/guvnor/task features could not be updated. eclipse thinks the old version code 5.0.0.MR2-R200812191611 is newer than the latest 5.0.0.M5-R200901280154 and refuses to update. i had to manually remove old archives from plugins/ and features/, then install new ones. works flawlessly now.

thanks and great work btw. looking forward to GA.

31. Jan 2009, 23:47 CET | Link

Still having issues with getting this version downloaded, e.g., from

Does anybody here have a better URL for me to try ?

Thank you, Jonathan

01. Feb 2009, 04:10 CET | Link

We still have an issue open against, see

Nick seem to sometime be lucky getting a download where as I'm still getting blanks.



01. Feb 2009, 23:11 CET | Link

We have not received any answer to the case yet but I can now get all downloads without any problems. If we don't hear otherwise i'll assume had a mirror glitch friday afternoon/saturday morning european time.



05. Feb 2009, 18:37 CET | Link


04. Mar 2009, 18:31 CET | Link
since jboss tools 3.0.0.CR2 the full deploy function does not work with seam . :(
05. Mar 2009, 07:30 CET | Link

Did you report it in jira ?

Have you tried that latest build ?



11. Mar 2009, 18:34 CET | Link

I use windowsXP+Jboss 4.22GA+Seam 2.11GA +Eclipse 3.4 Ganymede latest update.
Yes I tired the latest nightly build.(today), but it has not worked yet.

I have not reported yet.
Where could I report it?
12. Mar 2009, 06:09 CET | Link

The blog post has a link to JIRA where you can report issues and a link to a forum where you can discuss usage.



12. Aug 2009, 19:34 CET | Link
Please provide download link , as the current link is not working. Unable to download.

13. Aug 2009, 17:01 CET | Link

I've updated the link, but please don't use this many months old release ;) Use GA or the newest 3.1.M2 release - thanks.