We will be holding a Webinar about JBoss Tools and Developer Studio on Thursday, 23rd April at 2 pm EDT/18:00 UTC.

The title is New Features of JBoss Developer Studio - Portfolio Edition which I will be doing together with Jim and Prakash.

The registration is open and free you can register here.

The Webinar will have a live Q/A at the end so come by and get answers.

See you there!

18. Apr 2009, 03:44 CET | Link

Your website is broken! is totally inaccessible... That seems bad.

18. Apr 2009, 16:24 CET | Link

Yes, that seems bad but as says its being worked on.

Give the IT guys some peace and quiet to do their thing :)

See you at the webinar :)



24. Apr 2009, 06:12 CET | Link

Is thtere a way to get access to the recorded version of the webinar ?

25. Apr 2009, 15:17 CET | Link

Yes, the recording should be available early next week. I will post the link when it is ready.