JBoss Tools 3 Beta1 was built and made available on Halloween night.

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This release will only work with Eclipse 3.4/Ganymede.

We recommend you do not use update site to go from Eclipse 3.3 to Eclipse 3.4 - instead download Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers from Eclipse. To get the optional TPTP and BIRT integration to show up see the list of Eclipse drivers we use for JBoss Tools 3.x builds here

If you can only use Eclipse 3.3 use JBoss Tools 2.1.2, but JBoss Tools 2.x will not have any of the new features.


Out of the 300+ bugfixes and enhancements a couple major additions and new features I would like to mention:

  • We got initial Seam 2.1.SP support by the hands of Slava and Alexey.
  • Dima made Seam Generate Entities have an UI for selecting exactly the tables you want to generate
  • The pages.xml editor got a face lift by Daniel and Lex
  • OpenOn and Code completions got various improvements and proper ordering by Victor
  • Improved Hibernate Tools JPA project support by Dima
  • Vitali created a brand new source/refactor action which turns your JavaBeans into JPA annotated entities automatically
  • A new tighter and leaner UI for interacting with Servers introduced by Rob Stryker
  • Support for editing external CSS styles directly from Visual Page Editor were added by Dzmitry
  • The Visual Page Editor was made even faster by Maxim
  • Project example Wizard for quick and easy download of JBoss Tools/JBDS ready examples was suggested and implemented by Snjezana
  • Drools plugin is now back into JBoss Tools builds thanks to Kris and Denis
  • We added support for deployment of .esb archives used by JBoss ESB and SOA-P by Denny
  • A conversation wizard from STP BPMN files to jPDL by Grid
  • A first release of the Smooks editor for building data transformations by Dart
  • Updated screencasts by Svetlana and her documentation team

...and alot more by the rest of the JBoss Tools development team. See the full change list in jira and see more details and screenshots in What's'New


Thanks to everyone who have tried out the Alpha release and provided feedback - It is much appreciated and we are ready to hear more in the Forums and JIRA so we can move quickly forward to GA!

Have fun!

04. Nov 2008, 04:49 CET | Link

I hate mondays.... had to restart preventing access to, there were a typo in the download page preventing some of the zips to be downloaded and, stopped responding for some files.....

All of the above should be fixed now; so if you have problems try again ;)

Let me know if something else fails this monday ;)



06. Nov 2008, 06:40 CET | Link


As a highlight you mention initial Seam 2.1.SP support by Slava and Alexey.

But I have tried your JBDS 2.0 beta which includes same JBoss Tools 3 beta and while creating new Seam web project, the only option I see is support for Seam 2.0 FP. So where's 2.1 support? How does it show?

Kind regards, Dejan

06. Nov 2008, 16:02 CET | Link

It shows by us not generating errors when you use Seam 2.1 features ;)

In next release we will have a Seam 2.1 version listed in the combo's until then use Seam 2.0



30. Jan 2009, 17:15 CET | Link

I cannot download it from while the stable 2.1.2 version downloaded without any problem...

30. Jan 2009, 19:44 CET | Link

You need to explain what you mean with cannot download means. Which link do you follow ? The one listed in the blog works for me.

In any case, using would be more relevant now ;)



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