I worked on Hibernate core and the tools. Currently I work on making JBoss Tools and JBoss Developer Studio the tool to use for JBoss and Seam related technology.

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Location: Mostly Switzerland, CET
Occupation: Core developer at JBoss, a division of Red Hat
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Its a new year and time for a new episode! Great time to talk about making plans.

In this episode we are talking with Geoffrey about his OptaPlanner project.

Find it all in the Show notes and episode.

Have fun!

In a yet unforseen pace we have a new episode for you.

In #36 we are talking with Randall Hauch and Horia Chiorean about the ModeShape project.

As always find it all in the Show notes and episode.

Have fun!

This time around we are talking with David Jorm and Arun B. Neelicattu about Security, especially around Java.

We get to hear about how climate change helped improve JBoss, all about the secret societies surrounding security and how all software is basically doomed - but also learn how you can improve security for your framework(s) and application(s).

Listen in if you care about security and want to learn more, but also if you don't think you care - you might learn a few things. I know I did. Show notes and episode

Have fun!

Last week Emmanuel met up with Steven Hawkings and Ramesh Reddy in St. Louis and did a live interview.

They get to put on record the possible correct pronunciation of Teiid and to talk about how Teiid allows you to query across multiple datasources and provide a unified view on data in many different ways.

Show notes and episode

Have fun!

Last week we met up with Jason Greene and Brian Stansberry from the WildFly team.

In this you get to hear about the WildFly rename, its recent release that includes new web subsystem called Undertow, new JavaEE 7 features and a core distribution.

Show notes and episode

Have fun!

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