I worked on Hibernate core and the tools. Currently I work on making JBoss Tools and JBoss Developer Studio the tool to use for JBoss and Seam related technology.

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Location: Mostly Switzerland, CET
Occupation: Core developer at JBoss, a division of Red Hat
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Last week we met up with Jason Greene and Brian Stansberry from the WildFly team.

In this you get to hear about the WildFly rename, its recent release that includes new web subsystem called Undertow, new JavaEE 7 features and a core distribution.

Show notes and episode

Have fun!

This time we sat down with Dan Allan and Alex Soto to talk about their work on Asciidoc and Asciidoctor.

In the progress we touch on anything from markdown history, how to write books, what is asciidoc, where does asciidoctor helps and how ruby crosscompiling to javascript became a big win for asciidoctor.

Show notes and episode

Have fun!

Ever heard about a lawyer that has a github account ?

Well, Richard Fontana does and he is the guest of #31 of JBoss Asylum.

We cover topics like what is an opensource license ? what things should a developer know about licenses ?is the WTF license really opensource ? Why is JSON license not opensource ? ...and what does a lawyer say instead of IANAL ?

Show notes and episode

Have fun!

During Red Hat Summit we got to record two episodes for the Asylum.

First a live one at the end of JUDCon where we had Mark Little, Pete Muir and James Strachan discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages in the opensource communities JBoss is involved in.

Warning: contains tongue-in-cheek and pieces of British humor :)

Show notes and episode downloads for "A tale about JBoss and Communities"

The second episode we invaded Jay Balunas hotel room together with Karel Piwko and talked about Aerogear, what it is and what is coming.

Show notes and episode downloads for "What is Aerogear"

Have fun!

In this first episode of the year we grabbed James Strachan and Rob Davies from the FuseSource team which recently joined Red Hat and the JBoss family.

We talked about the origins of Fuse, all the scary things they built before it and how and where FuseSource and service oriented architectures are being used, what they are good at and where things are going now.

Show notes and episode downloads are at Asylum Website

Happy New Year and Enjoy!

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