We have (almost) always had a nightly build zip file users could download and try out, but it had a couple of issues if users mixed GA/Beta releases with nightly builds.

Bleeding edge users were also complaining that they had to manually unzip the nightly builds instead of just having an update site to go to and get the latest builds.

Thanks to Denis Golovin the nightly build zip is no longer the only option, now we also have nightly build update site(s):

trunk nightly build update site

branch for 3.0.0.beta1 build update site

We keep both a trunk and a latest branch update site so anyone can now more easily help and see their favorite feature implemented or bug resolved in the proper build.

With the nightly build updatesite you can try out the latest build, report issues in jira and when the jira get resolved wait for the next build to arrive and update your eclipse to see how/if your issue got solved.

Have fun!

22. Oct 2008, 16:51 CET | Link

Finally!!! I was starting to get quite fed up of downloading nightly builds and patching them manually. Definitely way to go to get people to try the latest and the greatest. Well done to Denis, Max and the rest of the team :)

23. Oct 2008, 16:45 CET | Link

Great News! Thank you!

26. Oct 2008, 23:53 CET | Link

Great news but, unless I'm missing something, kinda flawed.

E.g. once 3.0.0 Beta 2 is released I have to change my update site, or not? Could you please provide update sites specific to the version (trunk, 3.0.x, 3.1.x and so on) (assuming that y.y.X is just a bug fix release which should be safe to update while y.X.y introduces new features).

So it would be something like:

Hope you get the idea ;)

27. Oct 2008, 15:02 CET | Link

Plese go on the forum with this topic - you got a good point; lets not loose it ;)