Last week thousands of people downloaded Seam 1.0 and tried it out. Inevitably, they picked up on a couple of bugs of the minorish variety. At the same time, I was getting some useful feedback from users who are already developing and/or deploying Seam applications at JBoss World. Finally, Roger Kitain from Sun reported a problem running Seam on GlassFish. So, I needed to do a 1.0.1 release:

This release has been properly tested on GlassFish.

Note that if you are using JBoss AS, Seam requires JBoss EJB 3.0 RC8. The best way to get the right versions of everything is to use the JEMS installer here:

(I know that this caused some hiccups for some people.)

Of late, the pressure on us has been to stop throwing in new features, and focus on stabilising the platform, so that people can feel confident using Seam in production. I think we are finally there now. I'm really happy with some of the applications I'm seeing built in Seam: you can really see the difference in user experience between a traditional web application and a Seam application with conversations, AJAX, business process management, etc. I was especially impressed with the workflow application built by JBoss Innovation Award winners Lexicon Genetics in just a couple of months. Doing something like that without jBPM and Seam would be a seriously much bigger undertaking. And they are pushing the limits of the environment, and helping feed me new ideas for Seam.

20. Jun 2006, 08:16 CET | Link
Hi Gavin,

I just tried the booking example from the 1.0.1 release and had deployment issues on GlassFish (invalid interceptor definition).

Something I'm missing since GlassFish is listed as supported?
20. Jun 2006, 12:43 CET | Link
We don't yet have deploy.glassfish targets for the example applications, but we're working on that.

When I'm saying "it works on glassfish", I mean that Seam itself is compatible with glassfish, and that the examples can be made to work there, but that you might have to munge the example builds a little bit yourself.

We'll try to improve that.
22. Jun 2006, 05:40 CET | Link
Gavin, thanks for everything you continue to put into seam. A seam app isn't just about removing extra layers of code, it provides a better user experience. The users we have are amazed at the level of detail available throughout our seam application and at how quickly new features can be added. Our investment in learning and using seam has already paid off significantly. We have just started really playing around with seam remoting and have already implemented some nice touches that really save the users time.