Today we have released both 3.5.5 and 3.6.0.Beta3.


This is a maintenance release fixing mostly minor bugs. Changes of note include:

  • HHH-5426 - HQL update/delete does not invalidate the query cache
  • HHH-5451 - deprecation of CGLIB as a bytecode provider
  • Numerous Changes in behavior of ResultTransformers

For more details about 3.5.5, including the full list of changes, see the release page.

The artifacts have all been published to the JBoss Maven repository. Please note that there is a change as of this release in that we no longer deploy irrelevant modules to the repository; see HHH-5438 for details.

The release bundles have been uploaded to SourceForge.


3.6.0.Beta3 builds on the work from 3.6.0.Beta2 as well as from 3.5.5 Changes of particular interest include:

  • HHH-5300 - Configurable QueryPlanCache reference counts (Manuel Dominguez Sarmiento)
  • HHH-5485 - Change in DTD hosting
  • HHH-5441, HHH-5466 - Initial work on documentation changes

For more details about 3.6.0.Beta3, including the full list of changes, see the release page.

The artifacts have all been published to the JBoss Maven repository. Please note that there is a change as of this release in that we no longer deploy irrelevant modules to the repository; see HHH-5438 for details.

The release bundles have been uploaded to SourceForge.

Please report any issues using Jira. Visit us on IRC or the forums if you have usage questions.

19. Aug 2010, 08:48 CET | Link
Erik-Berndt Scheper

Am I missing something, or are the docs no more published at ?

Regards, Erik-Berndt

19. Aug 2010, 14:57 CET | Link

Not really sure what you are asking. Did you try that URL you just mentioned? There are docs there.

19. Aug 2010, 16:45 CET | Link
Etienne Hardy

Out of curiosity, what are the reasons why you're deprecating CGLIB?

19. Aug 2010, 18:02 CET | Link
Erik-Berndt Scheper

Well, if you look at

etc, then you will see that the version number of the docs is 3.6.0.Beta2 and not 3.6.0.Beta3 as I would expect.

19. Aug 2010, 18:50 CET | Link

There were no changes and given how hard it is to upload docs here I pass if at all possible.

19. Aug 2010, 18:51 CET | Link
Ruben Lopez

Is this version compatible with Hibernate Search 3.2.1?

I'm having problems with class org.hibernate.util.SoftLimitMRUCache. Apparently Hibernate Search uses this SoftLimitMRUCache constructor: public SoftLimitMRUCache(int strongRefCount).

It exists in version 3.6.0 Beta 2 but not in 3.6.0 Beta 3.

Regards, Ruben.

19. Aug 2010, 19:25 CET | Link

19. Aug 2010, 21:01 CET | Link

Hi Ruben, no sorry Hibernate Search 3.2.x is meant to be used with Hibernate Core 3.5.x To use newest hibernate core we're working on Search 3.3.x

02. Sep 2010, 16:18 CET | Link
Flávio Henrique

Hibernate 3.5.5 gives me this message:

WARN TemplateRenderer:101 - Function template anticipated 4 arguments, but 1 arguments encountered

This came form

EntityManager.find return null for a entity that exists in database, but only for one table, not all. I can´t figure out what is happenning!

I have this problem after upgrating from 3.2.2 branch.

20. Jul 2014, 06:50 CET | Link

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