The final re-post to remind you to use the feeds from JBoss Tools to get JBoss tooling news ;)

Blogging about upcoming webinar tomorrow, the Cloud efforts and bringng back life to a BPEL project.

See it at JBoss Tools Blog

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31. Aug 2010, 22:00 CET | Link


I'm glad someone is blowing life back into this project. I'm also sad Oracle is blowing the life from the OpenESB project and it's highly-functional, excellently-usable BPEL tooling in NetBeans.

Architecturally, my own opinion is that the JBI-implementation of OpenESB is superior to the disjoint solutions that Mule, ServiceMix, and JBoss ESB provide. Implementation aside, though, if this project could somehow blow some life into the Open ESB project, by the means of integration, double the kudos - or blow some JBI into JBoss ESB.