I am leading the CDI 1.1 specification, and work on JBoss Developer Framework, a set of tutorials and examples for all JBoss users. Previously, I've worked on Infinispan and I led the Seam and Weld projects, and am a founder of the Arquillian project. I've worked on a number of specifications including JSF 2.0, AtInject and Java EE 7. I am a regular speaker at JUGs and conferences such as JavaOne, Devoxx, JAX, JavaBlend, JSFDays, JBoss World, Red Hat Developer Day and JUDCon.

I am currently employed by Red Hat Inc. working on JBoss open source projects. Before working for Red Hat, I used and contributed to Seam whilst working at a UK based staffing agency as IT Development Manager.

Location: Edinburgh, Scotland
Occupation: Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat, Inc.
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